Cuddlebuddy FAQ's

CuddleBuddy FAQ's

How do I clean my Cuddle Buddy?

The cuddle buddys can be hand washed or machine washed. if being machine washed place inside a pillow case and place on gentle wash. Hang on the line or in airing cupboard to dry thoroughly.
The covers of the mega and body pillows can be removed for washing.

What happens if my Cuddle Buddy breaks?

Place pillow inside bag to stop the leaking of the beads, if the beads are sticking to the skin the best way to clean them off is by washing the skin with water – this is because the electrostatic charge of the beads can not resist water and this is the quickest way to remove them.

What sizes do the Cuddle Buddys come in?

The cuddle buddys come in 3 sizes – the smallest is the cuddle buddy comfort pillow which is 25cm long. The second size is the mega pillow which is 50cm x 25cm, and the body pillow is the largest at 90cmx25cm.

Do you have a bed pillow in the Cuddle Buddy range?

Yes the cuddle buddy range has a contoured bed pillow known as the contoured beauty pillow – this has the same microbead inner as the cuddle buddy but it has two tubes to offer a contoured shape.

Do the Cuddle Buddys have spare covers?

The body, mega and bed pillows have spare covers that can be purchased.

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