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No matter how much you enjoy travel, your body usually doesn’t. The car takes a corner, your body tenses to compensate. You need a nap on the plane but want to support your head to avoid soreness. You need a good night’s rest but the hotel pillows just don’t feel right.

A Cuddle Buddy comfort pillow is the perfect travelling companion. Ultra lightweight, wonderfully soft and squishy, the pillow smoothes into uncomfortable corners and odd angles, so your body can comfortably adapt wherever you may be. No more neck and back complaints after long-haul flights or extended car trips.

The latest in feel-good luxuries, a Cuddle Buddy comfort pillow makes travelling a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Bring it with you on the plane, on the train, in the car, to the hotel, on the beach, to a camping site,and anywhere you want to relax and feel comfortable.,

Perfect for any situation, providing feel-good support for your head, neck, shoulder, back, or knee. Your comfort pillow may even reduce the incidence of DVT when used as a personal in-flight footrest to elevate and alternate feet, and keep leg circulation moving.

The Cuddle Buddy is great for squeezing, hugging, stretching or just passing the time on a long trip.

Travel happy with a Cuddle Buddy.

An essential for frequent flyers, the Cuddle Buddy includes a handy travel bag with colour coordinated drawstring for easy travelling.

Moulds itself to your neck and back to provide the ultimate in travel comfort.

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