At Home with Cuddle Buddies

At Home

At Home with Cuddle Buddies

Everyone loves a Cuddle Buddy at home

Pillow fighting with Cuddle BuddiesSnuggle up to a Cuddle Buddy for a luxurious catnap on the couch. Place it under your feet to soothe away the day. Watch your favourite TV shows with a Cuddle Buddy. The silky soft surface of the pillow will send your fingertips on a holiday.

Playing with a Cuddle Buddy may even lower your blood pressure, much like a pet. Press it close to your body and feel the sensuous microbeads inside to completely soothe you. A Cuddle Buddy will bring a comfortable smile to anyone’s face.

Don’t fall for imitations— the Cuddle Buddy comfort pillow is a keeper. High-quality, cushiony microbeads encased in a luxuriously soft shell. It stretches to over twice its size, then springs back to always retain its original shape. Squish it, stretch it, push it, pull it, play with it anyway you want. The microbeads inside are already compressed to ensure your pillow never loses its voluminous form.

Still in pursuit of the perfect nap?

Try taking a cuddle buddy to bed with you to eliminate pressure points and facial creasing, and enjoy a sumptuous night’s sleep. Always cool to touch – no more flipping it over to the cool side.

Recent research has shown that a 15-20 minute nap can make you more alert, improve your focus, and give you more energy. Each Cuddle Buddy comfort pillow combines a matte nylon spandex cover with ultra-conforming microbeads to bring you a one-of-a-kind sleep and relaxation experience. The moment you touch the unique material, a calming sensation sweeps over you, preparing your mind and body for a peaceful nap.

Order your Cuddle Buddy comfort pillow today and experience the soothing, restorative powers for yourself!

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