Cuddle Buddies

Cuddle Buddies

Sumptuously soft comfort pillows for snoozing and snuggling…

Cuddle Buddy, the ultimate in comfortIrresistibly cuddly, the Cuddle Buddy is one of the softest pillows you’ll ever feel. Deliciously smooth stretchable fabric, filled with thousands of stress-relieving, ultra conforming microbeads—the Cuddle Buddy is 100% squishable, incredibly addictive fun!

Easy to manoeuvre into any type of position, a Cuddle Buddy smoothes into uncomfortable places like corners and odd angles, so your body can comfortably adapt wherever you might be. No more neck and back complaints after long trips.

The Cuddle Buddy is perfect for relieving body aches—just put this comfort cushion behind your back or neck or under your feet, and let the sensuously soft and squishy microbeads work their magic. Feel-good support for body and soul.

Amazingly soft luxurious fabric and thousands of soft microbeads surround you in cushiony comfort.

The Cuddle Buddy is like nothing you've ever felt before—the irresistible sensation comforts, supports and magically melts away stress.

Cuddle Buddies are an inexpensive little luxury.

Admit it, you’d love a cuddle. Get your hands on a Cuddle Buddy today!

Also a great gift for friends and family who need a hug. A Cuddle Buddy is the most fun you can give anyone!

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