At the Office

At the Office

Your Cuddle Buddy makes work more comfortable!

Cuddle Buddy for postureThe Cuddle Buddy comfort pillow is a perfect postural improvement device in the office. Place one behind your back, but also try positioning the unique cushion between you and your desk to prevent slouching. Try using one as a footrest under your desk to alternate your feet and keep leg circulation moving. A Cuddle Buddy will easily soothe away the working day.

Use it as an arm and wrist rest while typing, and pause to touch and enjoy it occasionally to break the monotony. As the fabric stretches and rebounds, the beads shift and settle, entertaining your fingers, supporting your neck, lower back or feet, focusing your thoughts and soothing your stress.

The Cuddle Buddy supports and cushions your body throughout the working day. Ideal for preventing and relieving body aches—just put this unique cushion behind your back or neck and let the sensuously soft and squishy microbeads work their magic.

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