I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your time - the time you took to purchase one of our Cuddle Buddy comfort pillows since 2006, and your support - your support meant that we could continue to supply you all with our amazing Cuddle Buddy pillows over the years.
For the last few years I have questioned the environmental validity of our Cuddle Buddy pillows and have nearly stopped supplying them on a number of occasions.  The only reason we continued was on the insistence of customers that the pillows were greatly appreciated and loved by their recipients.  
Over the years we have had great joy and satisfaction donating these pillows to many worthy causes, including Starship Hospital, Hospices throughout NZ, School Fundraisers, Schools with students travelling overseas, to name a few.  We custom made beanbags for disabled people and for Autistic Children.  We have sent our Cuddle Buddies to customers in hospital, hospices, we have sent thousands for Birthday presents and Mothers Days, Valentines Day and Fathers Day!!! There didn't seem to be an occasion that a Cuddle Buddy wasn't needed or wanted.
The thousands of pillows we sold that have helped people get a good nights sleep was my husbands specialty and he loved the feedback from happy customers.  
So I am proud that these little pillows helped so many people in so many ways.

Our new focus is still on helping people but we are focusing on expanding this to also help the planet because it needs our help.  We feel that the microbeads that are used in our pillows are not sustainable and so we have decided to no longer stock our Cuddle Buddy pillows.  We have a limited range left in our warehouse and these will be listed on our website.  Once we have sold out of these items we will no longer sell the Cuddle Buddy comfort pillows.

Thank you for sharing in our journey.  Follow our new journey with our other products.  Some which we have been selling for over 20 years and others are  newer additions like our fantastic "Splash" Shampoo bars.
www.quarteracrepot.co.nz - non electrical cooker
www.sweepa.co.nz - rubber bristled indoor/outdoor broom
www.at1konjacsponge.com - 100% natural cleansing sponge
www.splashshampoobars.co.nz - 100% natural shampoo (not in a bottle).
www.klevacut.co.nz - Japanese quality steel knives

Kindest Regards
Jane Dobson and The Cuddle Buddy Team

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Cuddle Buddy info

Sumptuously soft comfort pillows for snoozing and snuggling

Cuddle Buddy, the ultimate in comfortIrresistibly cuddly, the Cuddle Buddy is one of the softest pillows you’ll ever feel. Deliciously smooth stretchable fabric, filled with thousands of stress-relieving, ultra conforming microbeads—the Cuddle Buddy is 100% squishable, incredibly addictive fun!
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The benefits of Memory Foam

Memory Foam Really works

Viscoelastic foam’s unique physical characteristics have led to its popularity in the bedding and medical industries. Due to its conforming aspect, viscoelastic material makes for a comfortable yet supportive mattress or mattress pad, and its low resilience works well in bed pillows.
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Cuddle Buddy care & FAQ's

How do I clean my Cuddle Buddy?

The cuddle buddys can be hand washed or machine washed. if being machine washed place inside a pillow case and place on gentle wash. hand on the line or in airing cupboard to dry thoroughly.
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"What excellent customer service all round..."

Now getting the best nights sleep

"Thumbs up from the men of the house – love the overlay and pillow.  All I have to say is WOW.  Best nights sleep the both of us have had for ages. Thoroughly recommend the product." Read more...